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Share or comment on this article: Hilarious snap of Prince Louis sums up nation's divide over new social media slogan 'Platty Joobs'

God Save the MEME! Hilarious snap of smiling Queen next to Prince Louis with hands over ears perfectly sums up nation's divide between those who LOVE and HATE the new social media slogan 'Platty Joobs' for the Jubilee The phrase 'Platty Joobs' has become a short way of saying 'Platinum Jubilee' People have seized on the antics of Prince Louis as they argue over the term Some social media users h..

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Ukraine war: Russia's top commander 'has not been seen in two weeks'

Has Putin purged his top commander? General leading the Ukraine war 'hasn't been seen in two weeks' amid rumours he is no longer in charge General Aleksandr Dvornikov has not been seen for two weeks, US officials say Dvornikov was tapped by Putin in April to lead was after failed attack on Kyiv But he may have lost command as Russia takes heavy losses in Donbas, US says General Valery Gerasimov,..

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Princess Eugeni pays tribute to 'her Grannie' the Queen ahead of Platinum Jubilee

Princess Eugenie's tribute to 'Grannie': Queen's granddaughter praises Her Majesty's 'patience, calmness and kindness' and says she's hopes her son inherits the monarch's ability to 'laugh at herself and keep a twinkle in her eye' Eugenie, 32, writing in The Spectator magazine said Queen is a 'constant rock' Reflected on her 'own special little family' after welcoming son August in 2021 Her piec..

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Putin's TV cheerleaders rant that UK and America will 'pay a heavy price' for role in Ukraine war

'World War Three has already started': Putin’s TV cheerleaders rant that UK and America will 'pay a heavy price' for interfering with Ukraine war as they threaten to demilitarise NATO Russian One broadcaster Olga Skabeyeva effectively declared war on the West 'In a sense, the real war has started - World War Three,' the propagandist said She called for the demilitarisation of the entire NATO all..

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