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***Queen lies in state at Westminster

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King Charles follows Queen's coffin to Westminster Hall


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King Charles leads the procession with members of the Royal Family to Westminster Hall as Queen Elizabeth’s coffin leaves Buckingham Palace for the last time ahead of her lying in state.


***Queen lies in state at Westminster



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A ceremony has been held in Westminster Hall to mark the beginning of the Queen's lying in state.

Royal Family attends service for Queen Elizabeth at Westminster Hall


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Queen Elizabeth II's coffin arrived at Westminster Hall on Wednesday, where it will lie in state for four days leading up to her funeral on Sept. 19. Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby lead a short service for the queen and members of the Royal Family including including King Charles III, Prince William and Kate, Harry and Meghan.

The service followed a procession from Buckingham Palace, in which the coffin was carried inside the hall by soldiers from the Grenadier Guards and placed on a catafalque surrounded by candles as a choir sang, their solemn voices echoing through the hall.

The public will be allowed to file by the coffin in a constant stream, 24-hours a day, during the four days of lying in state that will continue until the funeral.

The Sombre Moment the Queen’s Coffin Arrived at Westminster Hall





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'Queen’s Coffin Arrives at Westminster Hall'

The Queen’s coffin arrives at Westminster Hall, followed by members of the royal family.


Royal Family Attend Service for Reception of Queen’s Coffin


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'Royal Family Attend Service for Reception of Queen’s Coffin'
The Queen's coffin enters Westminster Hall in London as the choir of Westminster Abbey and the choir of His Majesty's Chapel Royal, St James's Palace, sing Psalm 139.

The service was attended by members of the Royal Family.


Solemn ceremonial procession carries Queen's coffin to Westminster for public viewings | 7NEWS





Princess Anne's Heartfelt Statement About Final Hours With The Queen



Queue Begins to Swell as Crowd Waits to See the Queen


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'Queue Begins to Swell as Crowd Waits to See the Queen'

Queues of people can be seen on Lambeth Bridge in London as members of the public wait for what could be more than 30 hours, to see the Queen Lying in State.


Thousands of people queue in London to see Queen's lying in state



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Aerial footage shows people queueing across Lambeth Bridge and along the River Thames to pay their respects at Westminster Hall.

The Queen's coffin was transported from Buckingham Palace to parliament, with King Charles III and his siblings – Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward – as well as his sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, walking in the royal procession

Queen Elizabeth’s coffin arrives at Palace of Westminster to lie in state


Crowds camp outside Westminster ahead of Queen's lying in state


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Crowds have started camping outside Westminster Hall in London ahead of the Queen's lying in state on Wednesday.

Huge crowds of people are expected to pay their respects, with members of the public already being warned to expect long queues around the capital.