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Beethoven's Funeral Marches No. 1, 2, and 3, Mendelssohn's Funeral March, and Chopin's Funeral March

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Beethoven's Funeral Marches No. 1, 2, and 3, Mendelssohn's Funeral March, and Chopin's Funeral March set the mournful tone of the procession, which crowds of people gathered to watch.

What music is being played during the Queen’s procession?

Evelyn RichardsWednesday 14 Sep 2022 2:55 pm
Many compositions are being played during the procession (Picture: BBC)

Those who are watching the procession carrying Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin from Buckingham Palace will hear a number of different marches being played.

The bands of the Scots Guards and Grenadier Guards have prepared a variety of compositions for the duration of the journey to Westminster Hall, where Her Majesty will lie in state until her funeral on Monday, September 19.

But which songs are included in the lineup?

Here is everything you need to know.

What music is playing during the Queen’s procession?

During the procession, marches from the likes of Beethoven to Chopin are being played.

Beethoven’s Funeral March No 1

The first song being played, a stately, mournful piece, is Beethoven’s Funeral March No 1 – a song used at a number of royal occasions.

Three Beethoven marches were played (Picture: BBC)


The tune was heard at the procession to the lying in state of the Queen Mother, as well as at the funerals of both Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh and King Edward VII.

Despite being credited to Beethoven, the march is now widely believed to have been composed by German conductor and musician Johann Heinrich Walch, who lived between 1776 and 1855.

Beethoven’s Funeral Marches No 2 and 3

These two tunes are a great deal more placid than Funeral March No 1.

Funeral March No 3 was played by the band of the Grenadier Guards at Philip’s ceremonial royal funeral at Windsor Castle.

Mendelssohn’s Funeral March

Mendelssohn’s music is commonly played at British state and ceremonial occasions.

Queen Victoria is said to have described German composer Mendelssohn, one of the most celebrated figures of the early Romantic period, as both ‘the greatest musical genius since Mozart’ and ‘the most amiable man’.


Chopin’s Funeral March

The Polish composer and piano virtuoso’s funeral march consists of the third movement of his Piano Sonata No 2.

This march remains one of Chopin’s most popular compositions, and was even performed at his own funeral in 1849.

It is often played at the funerals of key figures, including John F Kennedy, Sir Winston Churchill, and Baroness Thatcher.


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Walch, Funeral March (c. 1830) performed at the procession for Queen Elizabeth II 

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The funeral march performed as the first piece during the funeral procession for Queen Elizabeth II (and for many other members of the royal family including King Edward II, the Queen Mother, and Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh). The media incorrectly call it Beethoven's Funeral March No. 1 but in fact it was composed by Johann Heinrich Walch (c. 1830).

Beethoven Funeral March No.1 by Johann Heinrich Walch (a tribute to her majesty Queen Elizabeth II)