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The final farewell: Queen Elizabeth is buried with her beloved Prince Philip / 'Sleep, Dearie, Sleep'

Jimie 2022. 9. 20. 07:08





The Procession following the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II, draped in the Royal Standard, on the State Gun Carriage of the Royal Navy, travels from Westminster Abbey to Wellington Arch



The State Gun Carriage carries the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II, draped in the Royal Standard with the Imperial State Crown and the Sovereign's orb and sceptre, in the Ceremonial Procession down The Mall following her State Funeral at Westminster Abbey





The Queen is marched towards Buckingham Palace for the last time





Extraordinary scenes in Windsor today as the Queen arrives to be laid to rest



Thousands of mourners were on the Long Walk in Windsor today to watch Her Majesty the Queen's Funeral being televised from London


Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is driven along the Long Walk in her State Hearse from London to Windsor towards her final resting place inside St George VI memorial Chapel



The Coldstream Guards outside the Garter Tower at Windsor Castle ahead of the arrival of the Queen's coffin



Pipe Major Paul Burns plays 'Sleep, Dearie, Sleep' for end of Queen Elizabeth II Funeral





Queen Elizabeth lowered into Royal vault as lone piper concludes state funeral



St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle in England is a castle chapel built in the late-medieval Perpendicular Gothic style. It is both a Royal Peculiar (a church under the direct jurisdiction of the monarch) and the Chapel of the Order of the Garter. St George's Chapel was founded in the 14th century by King Edward III and extensively enlarged in the late 15th century. It is located in the Lower Ward of the castle. The castle has belonged to the monarchy for almost 1000 years and was a principal residence of Elizabeth II before her death