N. Korea stages military parade attended by Kim Jong-un mark 73rd founding anniversary

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N. Korea stages military parade attended by Kim Jong-un mark 73rd founding anniversary


Sep 9, 2021



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North Korea has staged a military parade in commemoration of its 73rd founding anniversary.
The leader Kim Jong-un reportedly attended the event but did not deliver a speech.
For more, we have our North Korean affairs correspondent Kim Dami on the line.
Dami, what details do we know?

As widely expected, North Korea carried out a military parade at Kim Il-sung square in Pyeongyang after midnight on Thursday.
The North's KCNA reported earlier this morning that the regime on Thursday marked the 73rd anniversary of its national founding.
The leader Kim Jong-un was at the event, but there was no speech from him.
Thursday's parade took place for an hour, which is shorter than the last two military parades, suggesting the size of the parade was scaled down.
An official from Seoul’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said the South Korean military is closely monitoring and analyzing the moves.
But it is odd for the North to stage a military parade on the 73rd anniversary, considering it normally does one on every fifth or tenth anniversary.
Observers note it could be to strengthen internal solidarity by taming people's complaints over recent flood damage and prolonged international sanctions on the reclusive regime.

Dami, what details do we know about the parade itself? Like what kind of weapons were displayed?

There has been no mention of strategic weapons put on display during the event.
The event seemed to be rather festive, starting and ending with gun salutes and with balls for students afterward.
The North’s state media is expected to release a recorded military parade on Thursday night like it did last October.
On that occasion, the North unveiled a new intercontinental ballistic missile, a submarine-launched ballistic missile and other advanced military assets.
The midnight military parade was the third of its kind after the one last October to mark the ruling Workers' Party's 75th anniversary and the one in January after a rare party congress.
Thursday's event comes less than a week before the chief nuclear envoys of Seoul, Washington and Tokyo are set to meet in Japan to discuss North Korea issues.
That's all I have. Back to you, Mok-yeon.


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