Great Party, Rosy Korea

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Great Party, Rosy Korea


Jan 8, 2017



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10 000 People Strong Grand Art Performance Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Workers' Party of Korea "Great Party, Rosy Korea"

Korean: 조선로동당창건 70돐경축 1만명대공연 《위대한 당, 찬란한 조선》

Thanks to Jayden, Florent Fleuri,
Кирилл Хлопин, thegreatdictator Gunter and Saya Berdikari for helping to further complete this program.

0:00 Concert 1
0:07 Aegukka (National Anthem) (애국가)
3:05 Glory to our Great Party (영광을 드리자 위대한 우리 당에)
6:38 Opening Narration
11:55 Song of Comradeship (동지애의 노래)
15:29 The owner of the revolution is our people (혁명의 주인은 우리 인민)
20:16 Snow Falls (눈이 네란다) [Dance]
28:21 Song of General Kim Il Sung (김일성장군의 노래)
29:23 Song of Industrial Founding (산업건국의 노래)
31:30 Song of Women (냐상 의 노레)
32:56 May, Month of Victory (승리의 5월) [Dance]
35:28 Korean Youth March (소년단행진곡) [School Children's Choir]
38:31 Song of National Defense, Ri Hyun and 215 others (관현악과 남성함창과 무용, 조국보위의 노래, 리현와 215 명)
42:35 Song dedicated to Marshal Kim Il Sung (김일성원수께 드리는 노래)
45:20 We started from scratch (우리는 빈터에서 시작하였네) [Ongum-Choir]
49:19 Song of the Cholima Army (천리마대진군의 노래)
50:21 On the road the Leader wants us to follow (수령님 바라시는 오직 한길에)
53:27 We'll always remain loyal to you (대를 이어 충성을 다하렵니다)
57:27 It's all thanks to the Great Leader's care! (수령님 은덕일세)
1:01:00 I'll Remain True with a Single Heart (일편단심 붉은 마음 간직합니다)
1:04:46 Spring Song (봄노래)
1:07:15 Song dedicated to Comrade Kim Jong Il (김정일동지께 드리는 노래)
1:10:30 We will forever go along the road of loyalty! (충성의 한길로 가고가리라)

1:11:56 Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble Introduction (My Country Full of Hope (행복넘쳐라 나의 조국이여))
1:14:08 The Dear Name (친근한 이름)
1:15:27 The loving smile (사랑의 미소)
1:17:58 What Is Life? (생이란 무엇인가)
1:20:54 Thinking of Mother (어머니생각)
1:22:30 Golden Trees, Apple Trees Planted in the Mountains (황금나무 능금나무 산에 심었소)

1:24:18 The Voice Calling Me (나를 부르는 소리)
1:26:35 We Cannot Live Apart from His Bosom (그 품 떠나 못살아)
1:28:08 Do not advance night of Pyongyang (지새지 말아다오 평양의 밤아)

1:30:35 Ours Is a Family of Soldiers (우리 집은 군인가정)
1:32:30 Prosperous Arirang (강성부흥아리랑)

1:33:58 [Medley] My Heart Towards the Dear General Star (구름넘어 그리운 장군별님께) / Stars Whisper, One, Two, Three (별들이 속삭이네 하나 둘 셋)
1:38:44 Whistle (휘파람)
1:41:00 Thinking of the General (장군님생각)
1:44:14 His Solicitude Unforgettable (그 품을 못잊어)
1:48:28 Flocks of Wild Geese Flying (기러기떼 날으네)
1:51:27 Are we living like in those days? (그때처럼 우리가 살고 있는가)
1:52:38 Let's protect Socialism (사회주의 지키세)
1:53:37 My Mother (나의 어머니)
1:54:57 Song of Faith and Will (신념과 의지의 찬가)
1:57:36 Nice to meet you ( 반갑습니다)
1:59:29 My Country is the Best ( 내 나라 제일로 좋아)
2:01:40 Concert 2
2:01:50 Wangjaesan Light Music Band Introduction (Thunder on Jong-il peak)
2:02:35 Without a Break (단숨에) [Dance]
2:42:37 Thunder on Jong Il peak (정일봉의 우뢰소리)
2:44:22 Fortune of Korea (조선의 행운)
2:45:22 Our lives depend on you (하늘처럼 믿고 삽니다)
2:46:41 Moran Hill (모란봉)
2:49:41 Fan Dance (부체춤)
2:53:38 High haul at the sea (바다 만풍가)
2:57:30 Sea of apples at the foot of Chol Pass (철령아래 사과바다)
2:59:50 Rich Harvest comes to the Chongsan Plain (청산벌에 풍년이 왔네)
3:04:12 Cutting Edge Breakthroughs (or CNC song) (돌파하라 죄점던을)
3:07:27 Peace is on our Bayonets (우리의 총창우에 평화가 있다)
3:10:26 Appearance of Korea (조선의 모습)
3:12:27 Song in praise of General Kim Jong Un (김정은장군 찬가)
3:15:10 We will forever follow this only way (영원히 한길을 가리라)
3:16:36 Closing Narration
3:18:19 Glory to our Great Party [Cast Bowing and Ending Ceremonies] (영광을 드리자 위대한 우리 당에)
3:20:37 We will go to Mount Paektu (가리라 백두산으로)