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Twenty Amazing and Rarely Seen Historic Photos11/35

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   Twenty Amazing and Rarely Seen Historic Photos

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Taking photographs is a way to preserve history. It is an art of memory keeping. Historic photos provide us with a chance to travel down memory lane. They give us a chance to look at life from the eyes of historic figures and to understand their lives. The following are some amazing historic photos.

The Man Who Refused to Salute the Nazi

This photo was taken on June 13, 1936 in Germany. It shows August Landmesser, a 26 year old that refused to salute the Nazi. He crosses his hands in defiance as other people give the Nazi a salute. Landmesser was engaged to a Jewish lady which was a serious crime for members of the Nazi party.

Grotto In an Iceberg

This photo was taken during the British Antarctic Expedition. The photo shows the ‘Terra Nova’ from inside the Grotto formed by an iceberg as it turned. The photo was taken by Ponting and presented to King George V in 1914.

106 year old Armenian Woman Guarding Her Home

This photo shows an Armenian woman holding an AK 47. She is sitting outside her home guarding it. It was taken in 1990 in a conflict called the Nagorno-Karabakh War. At least 20, 000 people died during the war.

The First Woodstock in 1969

The photo shows a big crowd gathered for the first gathering of Woodstock in 1969. The Woodstock festival was a three-day-and night event that brought the community together. Even though there had been similar festivals before, none of them ever attracted such a big crowd.

Elvis Presley In The Army

Most of Elvis Presley’s fans do not know that he was in the army. This photo shows him in his army uniform. Presley received his basic army training in Texas. When he completed his service, he got back into music and attracted an older fanbase.

Baby In a Cage

This photo taken in the 1940s in London shows a baby placed in a cage at the top of a building. At that time it was common practice for people to keep their kids in a cage to receive some air and sunlight without crawling away.

Three Men In The First Modern Olympic Games

This photo shows three men running in the first Olympics marathon of the modern era. It was taken in 1896 in Athens. The competition was the first successful attempt to to bring back the game after Roman Emperor Theodosius 1 banned it.

Mother hides her face Ashamed For Putting Her Children Up For Sale

The photo shows a woman and her four children. It was taken in Chicago in 1948. She has a sign in her yard saying ‘4 children for sale. Inquire within.’ The mother looks away band tries to shield her face from the camera.

Marilyn Monroe as a Teenager

The photo shows a young Marilyn Monroe. The actress has just entered her teenage years and her beauty is already evident. Monroe grew to be one of the most beautiful women of all time.

Elvis Presley’s First Recording Session

Elvis Presley was one of the most influential musicians of his time. This photo taken in January 1956 shows Presley with his guitar as he makes his first album. He was producing the album ‘Heartbreak Hotel,’ which became number one.

German Children Playing With Stacks of Money During The Hyperinflation Period of The Weimer Republic

Germany was hit by a terrible case of inflation after the First World War. The German currency became almost useless. In this photo, children appear to be playing with stacks of money using it as Lego bricks.

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