State of emergency declared for Auckland

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State of emergency declared for Auckland | nzherald.co.nz


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Record-breaking rainfall saw much of Auckland engulfed by floodwaters overnight. Subscribe and be notified of breaking news: https://goo.gl/LP45jX



Airport and highways closed as NZ smashed
Auckland is “underwater” after deadly floods hit New Zealand's largest city overnight on Friday evening.

Two dead as Auckland hit with entire summer’s rain in just hours

Two people have died, houses have floated off their foundations and the airport is flooded after an entire summer’s rain hit Auckland.



Auckland is “underwater” after deadly floods hit New Zealand’s largest city overnight on Friday evening.

A state of emergency was declared after almost an entire summer’s worth of rain hit in just hours. More heavy rain is falling in Auckland this morning.

Flooding at Auckland International Airport. Picture: Supplied


A car trapped in flooding on Auckland’s northern motorway. Picture: Supplied


LOTS OF RAIN: Crazy video coming in from Auckland, New Zealand, this morning after unusually intense rain caused widespread flooding - even INSIDE Auckland's airport. Dozens of flights cancelled out of Auckland. So far, we're not seeing any major issues at Sea-Tac Airport.


Entire summer’s rain in less than a day

Website WeatherWatch said it was an “unprecedented deluge” for Auckland with nearly 400mm falling in total is some places.

The National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research stated Auckland received 79 per cent of its average summer rainfall, 166mm, in 15 hours.


State of emergency

Auckland Mayor Wayne Brown has declared a state of emergency across the so called “super city” which encompasses all of its metro area. The region includes 1.7 million people, a similar population to all of South Australia

Flooding in Auckland looking from Beach Rd at the bottom of Parnell towards the Auckland Domain. Photo / Tom McCondach

Airport terminal underwater

Auckland Airport has said there will be no flights before Saturday after dramatic images came in of the roads to the airport completely flooded with water which was also streaming into the terminal.

Passengers were seen pushing luggage trolleys through water at check in.


Ah, today was a sunny beautiful day to fly to Melbo- HELL WHAT HAPPENED TO AUCKLAND

It is under water


Disappointed fans stream from Mt Smart Stadium as Elton John’s concert is cancelled. Picture: Alanah Eriksen


On Friday night, Auckland’s Elton John concert had to be cancelled but not before scores of fans drove to the stadium where it was being held after they were advised to not take the train.

Auckland being underwater sounds like the perfect time to hold a concert
More records broken for Auckland Airport weather station. Not only has it been the wettest 24 hours on record - its breaking monthly records too. Wettest Jan till now was 1986 with 20cm, wettest month ever July 1998 30cm. Jan 2023 so far 32cm! That's a massive amount of rain.

“It was far too dangerous,” to go on, the crowed were told at Mt Smart Stadium who had braved the conditions to find their sodden seats.

Areas of the city’s north and Ta Arai, close to Northland, are without power.

Susannah Shackel travelled from Wellington to attend the concert, and told Stuff it was “appalling” for it to be cancelled so late.

“We left at about six, we spent $140 on Uber. We get to the gate and they tell us it’s cancelled and to go home,” she said.


State of emergency declared for Auckland following a day of relentless rain | Newshub



2023. 1. 27.

A state of emergency has just been declared for Auckland following a day of relentless rain. It comes just minutes after a new 'red alert' rain warning was issued for Auckland, with up to 120 millimetres more rain expected in the next few hours. Natasha Payne has more.➡️ SUBSCRIBE: https://bit.ly/NewshubYouTube


WION Climate Tracker: New Zealand's Auckland under state of emergency amid flood-like condition


2023. 1. 28.

People forced to evacuate their homes after heavy rain causes major flooding in New Zealand's Auckland. No deaths reported so far. Watch further to know more. #auckland #floods #wion