Queen's coffin to be taken to Buckingham Place & Westminster Hall

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Thousands line London's streets to see Queen's coffin arrive


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Thousands of people lined London’s rain-sodden streets to see the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II make its way to Buckingham Place.

Thousands Line Streets as Queen's Coffin Makes Its Way Through London


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'Thousands Line Streets as Queen's Coffin Makes Its Way Through London'

Crowds of tens of thousands have lined the streets to pay tribute as the Queen's coffin is driven to Buckingham Palace for the final time.

Thousands to queue up to see Queen's coffin in London


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Thousands of mourners will queue in London over the next four days to file past Queen Elizabeth II while she lies in state.

The Queen's coffin will be escorted in a gun-carriage procession to Westminster Hall at around 11pm (AEST) on Wednesday.

UK residents already lined the streets of London to see the late monarch’s coffin as she made her return to Buckingham Palace from Scotland.


Large crowds gather in London for Queen Elizabeth II's return to Buckingham Palace | 7NEWS


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The Queen has come home to an extraordinary embrace from the people of London.

Her Majesty's hearse travelled through crowd-lined streets to Buckingham Palace as the royal family gathered for its arrival.

Mourners are starting to queue early for one last goodbye.

Queen's coffin to be taken to Westminster Hall on Wednesday


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The Queen's coffin will stay in the Bow Room of Buckingham Palace, awaiting to be taken to Westminster Hall on Wednesday.

Over the next four days mourners will queue to file past the late monarch as she lies in state.

Details of the Queen's coffin's transfer to Westminster Hall have been released to the public.

The Queen’s coffin will be taken from its position inside Buckingham Palace and placed on a gun carriage at the Grand Entrance.

It will then leave in procession followed by members of the Royal Family, led by the Queen’s four children on a journey to Westminster Hall.

The Queen's Coffin is Brought to Lie in State at Westminster Hall

The Queen's coffin will be escorted in a gun - carriage  procession to Westminster Hall  at around 11pm (AEST) on Wednesday.


The Queen's Coffin is Brought to Lie in State at Westminster Hall


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'LIVE: The Queen Begins Procession Through London'