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Amelia Anisovych:Little girl sings Frozen's 'Let it Go' as she hides in bomb shelter in Ukraine , performs national anthem

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Amelia Anisovych: Ukrainian girl who sang ‘Let It Go’ in bomb shelter performs national anthem

Mar 21, 2022 

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A seven-year-old Ukrainian girl who went viral for singing Let It Go in a Kyiv bomb shelter has performed a moving rendition of the national anthem at a charity concert.

Amelia Anisovych, who was recorded singing the famous Disney song while sheltering from Russian attacks, is now in Poland after fleeing across the border with her family.

On Sunday evening she opened a charity concert at the Atlas Arena in Lodz, singing in front of thousands of people.

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Little girl sings Frozen's 'Let it Go' as she hides in bomb shelter in Ukraine | ITV News

Mar 8, 2022

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In the darkness of a bomb shelter, seeking safety from the Russian invasion above ground, a little girl starting to sing.

The Ukrainian child sang 'Let it Go' from Disney's Frozen, finishing to tears and applause there and support from millions of people who have shared it around the world.




Ukrainian girl moves stars to tears with viral video singing from Kyiv bunker

Mar 8, 2022


The little girl sang the popular Disney song to a hushed room of fellow Ukrainian citizens sheltering from Russian attacks.


Mar 8, 2022
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A Ukrainian child sheltering in a bunker has received attention from Broadway star Idina Menzel after a video of her singing Let It Go went viral on social media.

The young girl, believed to be called Amelia, was captured singing the hit from the Disney film Frozen in her native tongue from an underground bunker in the capital Kyiv, as people gathered around to watch.

The video was posted to Facebook by user Marta Smekhova.

Menzel, who voiced the lead role of Elsa in Disney's 2013 musical, showed her support for Amelia to her followers on Twitter.